Buying fresh fish in land-locked
Indianapolis just got a lot easier.
Junonia Fish Market is now open for
 business in the Indianapolis City
 Market  Offering an assortment of
  fresh and salt water fish including
    Alaskan Sitka salmon from Sitka
     Salmon Shares, a community-
      supported fishery
       with local ties.
The market is the brain child of
Iozzo’s Garden of Italy Executive
Chef, Kathy Jones.  A native
Floridian, Jones spent her younger
years on the water, with her step-
father, a charter sea captain.  Jones
Jones recalls that her love affair
with seafood began in elementary
school, so it is no surprise that her
career began at Chez Rondelet on

Empty spacer graphic Sanibel Island. Her longtime dream of offering the highest quality seafood to Hoosiers was realized when Junonia Fish Market opened for business.

"We offer all kinds of quality products," Jones said.  "I want to see the Indy City Market bustle again.  And I also want my customers to learn how easy it is to prepare fresh fish."

Junonia Fish Market also provides customers with a variety of Indiana cheeses, Smoking Goose meat products, condiments, spices and sauces.